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Commercial Replacement for Air Conditioning in Houston

AC System Replacement

Thank you for considering us for the purchase of your new air conditioning system.

Air Rey is focused on four primary objectives:

  1. Provide your family with the most comfortable system for your investment
  2. Make certain your new system will keep your family safe and healthy
  3. Provide you with the most energy efficient system possible
  4. Resolve problems you may be experiencing with your current or old system.

Compared to most AC Replacement and Installation Companies, Air Rey Service provides the best quality equipment available on the market, with the best installation policies and practices to ensure you have a true “replacement” versus leaving older parts such as wiring and duct work in place to “save you money.” There are many warning signs a commercial heating or cooling system have seen it's better days…hot or cold spots, poor air flow, dreadful loud noises, and outrageous energy bills are just a few.

An inefficient or failing unit can be a constant headache and wallet buster for business owners, if this sounds familiar then air conditioner or heater replacement could actually be the CHEAPEST option! Often times rather than sinking good money into a bad system, it makes more sense to replace those a/c or heating components that just can't be salvaged. Your commercial building heating and cooling costs are likely the third largest annual expense, and at  Air Rey Service we ensure your heating and air conditioning investment is the right one.

So if your system just broke unexpectedly or you've been planning for months to replace your commercial equipment: air conditioner, air handler, furnace, or heat pump Classic Heating and Air is the only call to make! We offer: Same day installation, Equipment, Warranty, Financing options, Free estimates on system replacement.

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