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  1. Programmable thermostats. - With a programmable thermostat you can have the temperature in your house automatically adjusted according to preset times. This means that you will have an easier time conserving energy since you can let the gadget reduce the temperature in your hours of absence and increase the heat when you are around. Programmable thermostats. - Can be purchased in several models. The simpler ones allow you to program daytime and nighttime temperature settings while the more complicated ones can be programmed to adjust temperature differently for different days and times of the week.
  2. Mechanical thermostats. - These are perhaps the cheapest and easiest thermostats that you can install. They feature either vapor-filled bellows or bi-metallic strips, which respond to variations in temperature. Mechanical thermostats are often considered unreliable, particularly the cheapest models that make use of bi-metallic strips.The major letdown you will experience with these thermostats has to do with slow response of the bi-metallic strip, which may result in significant temperature variations either above or below the desired set points.
  3. Electronic thermostats. - Unlike mechanical thermostats, these thermostats make use of electronic gadgets to detect temperatures and subsequently initiate control for your heating system. They are quicker in responding to temperature variations. Joomla 3.3 Templates