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  1. Natural Draft - A natural draft air handler typically pulls air into the unit from a slot directly above the blower fan for combustion and air mixture. The air is then heated or cooled by the air blowing across either a heat exchanger or evaporator coil depending on the season. This type of air handler was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, as it was much more efficient than other heating and cooling methods of the time. However, because the draft is natural, if there is any depressurization of the home, the exhaust can backdraft, causing large amounts of carbon monoxide to be distributed throughout the house.
  2. Induced Draft - This type of air handler is modified from the natural draft in that a small but powerful auxiliary fan is placed on the exhaust vent to pull the exhaust out of the furnace and taking away much of the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. The combustion and dilution air is still pulled directly from a slot from above the blower fan. These air handlers typically come as a package with the heat exchanger and furnace components already installed as the induced draft must be programmed into the basic functions of the air handler motor.
  3. Forced Draft - Forced draft air handlers are sealed completely and bring in fresh air through a fresh air intake that pulls outside air into the unit for the purpose of combustion and air dilution. This air is completely separate from the air being pulled through the unit by the blower fan. These are the most efficient units available today. Some units boast a 98 percent efficiency rating, making operating costs significantly less than their older counterparts.
  4. Fresh Air Intake - Some air handling units are simply made to pull in fresh air from the exterior and distribute it throughout the house. This is a cycling process and is incorporated in highly efficient homes where air quality control is important. Fresh air intake can be incorporated on any high efficiency forced draft air handling system and is a recommended practice by Energy Star. Joomla 3.3 Templates