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One System For All Your HVAC Needs

Have you considered a modern heat pump to handle your home’s heating and cooling? With one system providing year round temperature control, there’s less maintenance and less space taken up by equipment. Plus, electric heat pumps achieve exceptional efficiency ratings whether in heating or cooling mode, and maintain very even and gentle comfort. From quiet operation and outstanding reliability to a cleaner, safer, and healthier indoor environment, these innovative options quickly pay for themselves.

At Air Rey Service, we make sure of maximum rewards through top quality products and unmatched integrity of workmanship across the Houston Metro Area.

Over our 26 years of experience, we’ve proven the durability, longevity, and value of Bryant and Carrier brand heat pumps. There’s an ideal model for any demand, and our NATE-certified professionals take the time to accommodate your concerns, goals, and budget. Our team is qualified in new system design, upgrades, repair, and maintenance. Give us a call at (281) 407-1812 for a free estimate and financing with 0% down payment anywhere throughout Houston, TX. Our mission is to always be the very best at our jobs and deliver unmatched satisfaction. 

Types of Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are the most common type of heat pumps available with two basic styles: Packaged Heat Pumps & Split System Heat Pumps. The layout of a home will determine the style needed. Packaged Heat Pumps are self-contained units that allow the compressor and both heat exchangers to be located outside the home. These units use ductwork to distribute the conditioned air to the entire home. Several types of packaged heat pumps, called packaged terminal, self-contained through-the-wall, or window heat pumps, are used for single rooms and don’t need ductwork. Split System Heat Pumps are the most common of the two air source choices. The indoor air-handling unit and heat exchanger are separate from the compressor and the outdoor exchanger. This allows more options on where the units are installed. These units use ductwork to distribute the conditioned air to the entire home.

Dual-fuel Heat Pumps are an electric heat pump and a gas furnace all in one. In the southern climate, a heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a home. In the winter when the temperature drops below freezing, a gas furnace provides back up heat instead of using electric strips as the air to air systems. In the summer it operates as a normal air conditioner.

Geothermal Heat Pumps operate like air-to-air heat pumps, moving heat rather than creating heat; however, they use the ground or water to absorb or dissipate heat. Geothermal units normally use water to move heat from one location to another. Because the earth and large bodies of water have a constant temperature, pipes are laid in the deep sections of water or buried underground. Water is used to trap heat from the home in the summer and disperse it into the ground using the water as a vehicle. In the winter the heat is trapped and released in the home and distributed via duct work.