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Air Rey Service FAQs

1. - How often should our home ac be serviced and cleaned? - Serviced, once a year. Cleaned, every two to three years.

2. - Why do I need to change my filter regularly? - Regular filter replacement helps your heating and cooling system operate at peak levels and improves indoor air quality. It is important to change filters regularly to ensure proper air flow and to keep your home free from dust, allergens and germs. Depending on the type of filter you have, you may require weekly or monthly filter replacements.

3. - Is it true that the utility companies can give me financing? Utility Company Financing. Up to 10 years! - Make minimal payments every month. This is the best option to keep the payments down and spread the cost out. With your good credit you can qualify for rates as low as 8%. no payments and incur no interest for the next 90 days. This is the perfect choice for people who want to. Make a single total investment, but spread it out over up to 10 years! Pay it off any time, there are no pre-payment penalties.

4. - What would be the easiest way to maintain the drain pipe and keep it from clogging up in my ac? - Once a month with the change of the filter, it is recommended to pour ¼ cup of regular household Clorox(bleach) in the pipe at the outlet of the air handler unit(inside unit), to avoid build up.

5. - In addition to changing my filters, what maintenance should I do on my heater and/or air conditioner? - Most maintenance should be performed only by a qualified service technician. But here are some things that you can do to assure optimal performance: Keep ground mounted outdoor units clear of debris, clutter and weeds; they can reduce the airflow to the unit. Use caution with weed trimmers around the unit to prevent damaging control wiring. Keep pets away from the unit; pet urine can cause expensive damage.

6. - What is the life time expectancy of a air conditioner unit? - If properly maintained, usually around 10 to 15 years.

7. - Do you offer energy savings guarantees? - It’s true that a lot of the efficiency of your system is based on the type of equipment you select (which is one reason we only carry reputable brands), but even the best equipment, installed incorrectly, will cause you to lose energy. We’re able to guarantee energy savings because the equipment Air Rey Service provides, in addition to our tested installation techniques, gives proven results.

8. - What type of warranty should be expected for labor with a new unit installation? - As standard, all companies shall offer a one year labor warranty. Some selected companies are capable of offering additional warranties which range between 5 and 10 years for an additional fee. Call us for more details

9. - How much does a new replacement system cost? - Due to the many different makes, models and customer needs, price is an issue that can only be solved by doing a thorough evaluation of your home and existing equipment. At Air Rey Services, there is no charge for an in-house replacement proposal.

10. - What is the comfort temperature for energy savings? - Between 75 & 79 degree Joomla 3.3 Templates